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Ice Sublimated Uniforms Team Wears Hockey Jerseys Made In China

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Custom Uniform Blank Wear Ice Hockey Jersey

RISE V-neck Ice Hockey Jerseys

RISE specializes in the highest quality fully sublimated hockey uniforms. Our full hockey uniform package comes complete with custom sublimated jersey, shell, and socks. 

Available options include a fully custom hockey uniform, or a choice of any of our styles (no charge for colour change). Names, back and shoulder numbers, 

plus any logos or sponsors can be added to custom jersey designs. Logos, sponsors and numbers can also be added to both custom shell and sock designs. 

Must provide vectorized files.

Ice hockey uniforms offer several selling points:

Protection: Ice hockey is a high-contact sport that comes with a lot of physicality and potential for injury. A well-designed uniform, complete with padding and protective gear, can help reduce the risk of injury and keep players safe on the ice.

Performance: Ice hockey uniforms are designed to be lightweight, breathable, and flexible, allowing players to move freely and perform at their best. They’re also designed to wick away moisture and sweat, keeping players cool and dry during long periods of gameplay.

Customization: Uniforms are an important part of team identity and can help players feel connected and united as a team. Customized ice hockey uniforms that feature a team's colors and logo can help create a sense of camaraderie and team spirit, and can help players feel more confident and motivated on the ice.

Durability: Ice hockey uniforms need to withstand the rigors of hard play, including falls on the ice and regular washing and wear. Quality uniforms are designed to be durable and long-lasting, holding up to season after season of gameplay.

Overall, ice hockey uniforms provide a balance of protection, performance, customization, and durability that make them a valuable investment for both individual players and entire teams.

Do you also do other products not on your website?

We produce all kinds of premier fight wear, fishing wear, team uniform, racing wear, active wear, water sportswear and street wear
Sure besides all above we also produce many other apparel say lifestyle apparel, outdoor clothing or school uniform please contact for more details.

You do OEM or ODM? Can I put my logo on your products?

We can do either OEM, ODM, Add logo customize, Ready design and even offer Creative artwork service so we can assist you well no matter you are a solution company, brand buyer, start-up retailor, a fight club or even one team.

What is your MOQ?

Generally our MOQ is 10 pcs for each design and color but no MOQ for reorders.

Can you print the colors I want?

Yes sure you may choose the colors from the Pantone Coated Cards.
You may also contact to get our latest color chart.

Can you do the custom labels and tags for our brand?

Yes we can not only customize the labels the swing tags but also customize other branding accessories like the waist bands the neck bindings the zippers the barcode stickers and the bags.

Which kind of artwork files do you need?

We accept the vector formats EPS AI PDF or high resolution graphic formats PSD JPG JPEG PNG.

What is the production time?

3-5 days for the samples. 7-15 days for the bulk orders.

What is the delivery time?

3-5 days fast door to door for the small orders
7-10 days by air and 20-30days by sea for the big orders.

Can the samples be free?

No problem we can refund the sample charge once you place the bulk orders more than 100pcs so it is actually free in a long term cooperation.

Will you update the process?

Yes sure we will show the design layouts for you to confirm before the production and photos before the shipment.

What is the after-sales policy?

We will provide you the satisfied solutions within 24 hours once you show us the quality problem photos say Remaking in a short time or Provide the discounts